Located at Canary Wharf, the new financial center of the London , “Uprising Chinese Academy” is dedicated to passing on Chinese traditional art and culture and creating an Chinese studying environment where you can immerse yourself physically and mentally in the long-lived Chinese humanity by finding yourself surrounded by bright and clean old-fashioned furniture. Studying in “Uprising Chinese Academy” may purify your heart and educate you in a gradual and imperceptible way. We adhere to the education philosophy of “practice calligraphy, learn classic Sinology, inherit ancient charm and combine with present oriental custom”. We encourage “genuineness”, “kindness” and “beautifulness” as our core value. Our quality art courses are designed for adults and children, including such Chinese traditional art categories, as Sinology enlightenment, calligraphy, seal carving, Chinese painting, Chinese zither performance, Chinese traditional string plucked musical instrument, flute, tea ceremony and others. We will inspire and guide England adolescents and children with fine classic master pieces, for them to feel the Chinese elements, to experience the original oriental humanity without taking a long trip, and to enjoy a pleasant reactive journey on Sino-UK culture.