Dorothy Zhou

Dorothy Zhou, Dr. degree, graduated from China Academy of Art, majored in Chinese Calligraphy Creating and Theory, and studied under Professor Wang Dongling, Senior Professor at China Academy of Art and well-known calligrapher. ZhouXu has received a perfect knowledge transmission from Professor Wang. His master’s thesis on “Collapse and reconstruction" - 1940-1970 of Japan's modern Calligraphy creation research” was highly recognized by the latter, which has laid is solid influence and professional value in the field. As a renowned calligraphy scholar, exhibition planner and chief art director, ZhouXu has carried out multiple inspects on international youth projects, and planned for numerous important world-wide expositions, including International Oracle Expo, International Calligraphy Exhibition and Symposium, and so on. Over years of teaching, ZhouXu has developed a calligraphy course at a professional college standard, which combines diversity and academic requirements. This course is featured as easy to understand, rich in Sinology and equipped with strict major knowledge. By interesting students of all ages, it renders learning value, pleasure and usefulness.